Impress The Gamer In Your Life With The Gift Of A Skin

How does a serious gamer not only protect their system but also make it their own? Today’s gamers are always on the search for ways to spice up the looks of their devices because, let’s be honest, they can look pretty boring. If you know a PlayStation 4 owner in your life trying to personalize their system, then a skin is the perfect gift.


Skins for the PlayStation 4 come in a variety of colours and designs. Their easy application can completely transform the look of the device, as they come in colours that deviate greatly from the standard black. Blue, green, metallic – there’s a colour and texture to fit your gamer’s unique and personal style. A ps4 skin will give the gamer in your life a system worth showing off and will definitely be a gift that will impress. It’s not only for decorative purposes; it alsoprovides much needed protection against scratches and spills, making it an ideal gift for any gamer.

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Do we have a new tech bubble?

man using smartphone

There’s been plenty of hot air lately over the notion of whether we have another tech bubble on our hands. Like most topics these days, much of this is driven by the need to talk about something to fill airtime and drive clicks.

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Big Business: How to Ensure 2015 is Your Most Successful Year Yet

handshake in business

For those who run their own business, going into a new year is the perfect opportunity to reflect on your business’ direction and to set some goals for the upcoming year. Some might call these resolutions, but they are bigger than that. If you want to make 2015 your most successful year yet, setting goals and having a plan for growth is essential. Here are three ways to help ensure 2015 is a year that you look back on fondly when considering your business’ achievements.

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The Psychology behind Different Colours Used in Advertising

The use of colour is a persuasive and significant aspect of marketing. Ask any professional promotion and marketing companies, such as The Print Group, and they will confirm the importance of strategic colour selection in influencing customer opinions and perceptions of products.

Colours Do Not Always Produce the Same Effects

Although colours can influence us in particular ways, personal preferences, the experiences we have had, cultural considerations and many other factors influence our responses to colours, so no two people’s reactions to colours in advertising will be identical.

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Is Your Business Stuck in the Stone-age? 5 New Technologies You Need to Embrace


The world moves faster than it ever has before. For businesses to thrive in the 21st century, the only option is to embrace change. Troublingly, precious few organisations are keeping strict a pace with today’s rapidly evolving technology. In order for a business to differentiate itself, it must be able to harness cutting edge technologies and build a strong strategic formula around them. But which will be of most use to you and your business? Here are a few of the top contenders.

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