Kevin Smith is an online god

You know Kevin Smith as a very successful movie director, despite the recent box office disappointments. He’s also become quite a force online, with a huge Twitter account and a very popular podcast – called the SModcast.

Wired recently caught up with Smith and he gave them a very funny interview in which he discussed his social media popularity.

Wired: But online, you can do just that, right? You seem to have amped up your Web presence since that movie.

Smith: Oh, I’m online all the time now. I’m not an outdoorsy type. Everything I do that’s not related to filmmaking or child-rearing or trying to fuck my wife is online. The medium of Twitter is built for me. I recently did a 24-hour tweetathon, and people asked me how I did it. I said, “The only difference between this and my normal regimen is that I let you know I was doing it.” I have 1.6 million followers—this army of people who think like me. There aren’t enough of us to invade a whole country, but we could probably take Quebec.

Wired: They’re numerous enough to put a book-length collection of your blog posts on best-seller lists and fill auditoriums to see you talk about whatever pops into your head.

Smith: Yeah, I used Twitter to sell out Carnegie Hall. My dream is to never have to take a real job again. If my next movie bombs and nobody ever gives me another dollar to make more, I wouldn’t care. I don’t need to do it anymore. I was never convinced that the film thing would last anyway. It just made me interesting enough to have a Web site.

Smith also discussed the tweetathon recently with Will Harris on

I thought it was awesome. I’ve been training for it for, like, 15 years, though. We’ve been on the web since 1995, so I guess that’s actually 14 years. But I was ready. I was always curious, because I’ve spent hours upon hours on the web answering questions over the years, but the one that I’d never done was do it for 24 hours straight. I was kind of curious: “Can I pull it off?” And, alas, I could. (Laughs) It’s a mean feat. It’s not like someday my kid’s gonna be standing over my grave, and somebody’s gonna hang her a folded flag and say, “You know what? This is ‘cause he did 24 hours straight on Twitter.” But it’s just one of those little personal victories, like, “I wonder if I can do this.” And I did it. A stupid goal, but I accomplished it. Life’s all about…for me, at least…having very stupid achievable goals. That way, you always feel like a winner.

This interview also goes into great detail regarding Smith’s Smodcasts. The guy really gets this stuff.

Revisit your childhood and relearn Bingo

It’s not everyday you get a chance to take a trip down memory lane. When I was a kid I spent a lot of time in school playing all kinds of games. One of my favorites was Bingo. It was the perfect afternoon game. It required that we all pay attention to the teacher as she was calling out numbers, but it also gave me the chance to socialize and goof off with my friends in between calls. I know I don’t spend enough time playing these kind of enjoyable games these days.

Google search tips

I found some good tips on this list. Get more Google search tips here and here.

The Benefits of Debt Consolidation

Using Debt Consolidation to Reduce Bills

People use debt consolidation as a way to eliminate bills and increase their income. Debt consolidation is a very popular method to get rid of debt and doesn’t require any complicated procedures. When a person does a debt consolidation, they are essentially grouping the total amount of money they’re paying out in bills into one flat payment. This payment amount is a sum of the bill payments combined. The total is significantly less than if they paid each bill separately. It is a much preferred way to maximize a person’s income and reduce their outgoing expenses.

Debt Consolidation Helps with Budgeting

To take full advantage of debt consolidation, a person should include everything in their budget that carries a balance. This includes all items from student loans to motorcycle payments. Once everything is combined, the loan company then consolidates them and issues a new payment amount that will take care of all of the bill payments. Their debt then becomes a flat payment instead of several smaller ones.

Extra Income for Other Expenses

Once a person has numerated their expenses and totaled them, they have a clearer picture of what their outgoing debt payments. Debt consolidation helps to free up income so that the extra money can be used for other expenses. The extra income can also be used to further offset the consolidated debt. This is why the method is so popular and encouraged for those who have a high debt ratio. Other benefits of debt consolidation include a reduction in the number of missed payments on outstanding bills. There is only one bill to pay with one due date. This eliminates the chances of late or missed payments altogether, making the benefits of debt consolidation a highly preferred method of reducing expenses.

Pet Protection

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Sentinel is a flavor tablet you can give to your dog on a monthly basis for heartworm prevention.

Sentinel for dogs and puppies is a monthly flavor tablet that prevents heartworm disease and controls fleas. Sentinel is a prescription pet med that also controls adult hookworms and removes and controls adult roundworm and whipworm infections in dogs and puppies. Sentinel is sold in 6 and 12 packs for dogs and puppies in weight ranges of 2-10 lbs, 11-25 lbs, 26-50 lbs, and 51-100 lbs.

Another pet treatment to consider is Frontline Plus. Few things can be worse for an animal than living with a flea infestation. They’ll scratch their skin raw trying to get to the source and you’ll likely find yourself doing the same.

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