Maintaining a Successful Twitter Campaign

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Is Twitter a good fit for you?

Some time ago, I did an article on deciding if Twitter is a good fit . While it’s a simple concept, it’s really something you should take a hard look at before you decide to jump on the social bandwagon. There is a great deal of work involved in developing a successful twitter presence, and before you dive into that amount of work, you should make sure you and twitter are a good match.

I Need to Tweet, now what?

I wrote a rather thorough article on running a successful twitter campaign, but the basic ideas are:

  • Post things that are of general interest to your readership.
  • Space your posts out so that you don’t fire them all off at once.
  • Make your posts when the internet is most active.

    The problem is that it’s very time consuming to do the above. Luckily, there is a tool called “Pluggio” that does all of the above for you.

    Make your way to the links above for the full story on how to maximize your twitte coverage while minimizing your effort.

Will the real Mark Zuckerberg please stand up?

A gracious if not a bit awkward Mark Zuckerberg joined Jesse Eisenberg and Andy Samberg, who was impersonating Zuckerberg, onstage for the opening of SNL last night. It wasn’t particularly funny, but Zuckerberg sure helped his image quite a bit with the appearance.

When Playing a Game Shouldn’t Require Hours of Study, AssaultCube is for You

Many gamers cannot go long without their FPS, aka, first person shooters for those who do not know. However, many FPS games of late have been laden with simulation quest, collaboration with masses of other gamers, real or bot, and just in general more like a job than an enjoyable game.

Luckily for those gamers, there is a game called AssaultCube. Assaultcube offers a fast-paced, all out, non-stop battle for supremacy. You won’t have to hunt and search for that one elusive quest piece to end the game, and you certainly won’t be started out as a newborn player who faces quads of super troopers with Uzis just a knife to defend yourself.

An open source video game of this caliber hasn’t come along since AssaultCube came about in the first place. Although you may not spend moments gazing at the incredibly realistic surroundings, you will find yourself mesmerized by the functionality of this game, the smooth servers and the camaraderie amongst players. For the sake of other players, File zilla would be a good source to keep all codes and images for future reference. Using a reliable FTP server will ensure that your files don’t get corrupted in transmission.

AssaultCube starts you out with a bevy of highly useful weapons. Do you want to be a sniper and lurk and frag enemies that stroll by unassuming? Maybe you would rather use the shotgun that when aimed at the right place will immediately frag your enemies a foot back? Enjoy stealthy combat, break out your knife and feel free to shank the first opponent unfortunate enough to take a breather near your favorite hidey-hole.

AssaultCube doesn’t offer players the means to increase the stats of their character without manually doing so themselves. So if you prefer your FPS games to be just that, first person shooters, without all the mumbo jumbo extra side quest and sim building of your Rambo look-alike, then AssaultCube is the game for you.

OpenOffice Business Management

Business management takes a lot more than hiring, firing, meeting production, and all of those aspects that are the lifeblood of any commercial establishment. It is also vitally important to have a computer managed system of organization for many reasons.

Managing with OpenOffice

Use OpenOffice Calc to build spreadsheets, charts, diagrams, and other imperative recordkeeping documents that will run all of the most important aspects of your business.

Recording Employee Information is made easy with OpenOffice Base. It is the best way to manage everything from insurance policies to employee discounted merchandise. Bookkeeping is also easily manageable with Base.

Preparing Company Documents

OpenOffice Writer is the go-to application for all of your business writing needs. Need newsletters? Contracts on documents? Not only does the helpful walkthrough information guide you through, but once you have used Writer for a while you will find that it actually has more options than that other office program suite offers.

Outstanding Presentations

Impress for OpenOffice certainly does have impressive features. Create your own slideshow with your family pictures, or work up an Impress presentation that is sure to up your sales and secure your overhead.

And this is just a small tip of the giant iceberg that is the running your day-to-day business. What exactly though, is behind all of this? Office programs. Unless you prefer to shell out thousands of dollars to provide your employees with office programs, you may want to consider going the OpenOffice way. This office suite has far more to offer than just the run-of-the-mill options you can expect from other similar applications.

With all of its customization features on each and every application it has to offer, it is no wonder why even the largest of corporations are making the permanent switch to the open source OpenOffice suite package.

Write Your Publication in Notepad++

Are you working on your first manuscript? Is the openoffice word processor you have been using just not cutting it? Often a huge problem can be when a writer uses an office program to type in all of their most important material, and then once cut-and-pasted, this inexplicable coding pops up all over the place. The reason for this is that some office programs already have pre-set formatting within them.

This is the best reason to use Notepad++ for your editing and authoring needs. Since the Publishers themselves find it incredibly easy to import the text of their authors manuscript when it is written using Notepad++ this can also give you another brownie point in the hopes of getting your manuscript chosen in the first place. The publishers say the main perk of utilizing Notepad++ is that its ability to support tabbed resources and multiple file edits in the upper most of the application window.

Authors tend to love Notepad++ because of its optional feature that allows line numbering for each page and automatically sets them sequentially. When you add numbering using Notepad++ you will never have to worry about your former format going askew or becoming unmanageable.

Your editor will love Notepad++’s highlighting and bookmarking features. Publishers have so many manuscripts to edit that it is incredibly easy for those who are harder to understand to get set aside. Remember to use Notepad++ to add to the convenience for the person who will be reading, and ultimately judging your work. It is always imperative to do your own proof-reading and not wait until your work is on the desk of an editor to remember something you should have done.

If you plan accordingly, use Notepad++ and take the right precautions, you will succeed.

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