Tina Brown snags Andrew Sullivan

I was pretty skeptical when I heard that Tina Brown would be tapped to resurrect Newsweek as a result of the merger with The Daily Beast. So I was pleasantly surprised to see her convince Andrew Sullivan to move his blog from The Atlantic and to join the Newsweek/Daily Beast family. Sullivan is one of the best bloggers on the web, with significant, organic traffic. He’s an excellent commentator, so he’ll be a great addition to Newsweek as well.

Ms. Brown is off to a good start.

Google embraces porn in search results

We’ve noticed over the past several months that Google seems to be giving even more weight to porn sites over mainstream sites when tame search terms like “Hot Babes” or “Hot Blondes” are used. Instead of featuring mainstream sites that have bikini and lingerie models like Maxim, you end up with hard core porn sites.

What’s going on here? Google has outsmarted itself, and now the search results are a complete mess.

New push to legalize online poker

poker 1

After Harry Reid failed to get an online poker provision passed in the lame-duck session of Congress at the federal level, several states are now pushing the issue as people realize that it’s foolish not to tax and regulate online gambling.

In Iowa, there’s a new bill that would regulate and permit online poker, and this follows a bill passed in New Jersey that has been sent to the governor. There’s also a push in Florida and California.

Hopefully, cash-strapped states will drive the agenda here, as the federal government won’t act due to the religious right.

Facebook keeps pushing the envelope in the online dating game


The online dating landscape keeps evolving, and Facebook and other social media sites are often leading the way. The latest out of Facebook let’s you set up a notice system so you get notified when someone you are interested in changes their status and is no longer “taken.” This breakup notifier will likely be a very popular feature.

Ares is a Thriving Peer-to-Peer File and Content Sharing Network

One of the greatest peer-to-peer file sharing networks still active and thriving today is based upon the free, Open Source front-end application Ares. Many think peer-to-peer file sharing is dead because of all the copyright issues and fraudulent download of protected music, movies and media. But, what many people fail to realize is that it is completely legal to share files you own with others. Where people get into trouble is downloading and distributing licensed content. Ares doesn’t prevent users from sharing protected content, but that is not the main focus of the site. They want people to interact and share their own files easily. Some old peer-to-peer networks were only designed to share and download protected music. Ares is about the end user experience and providing a clean, spam and spyware free, peer sharing network.

Ares supports and provides a great interface for comprehensive search queries. Users can find very obscure files and Open Source programs with just a few clicks of the mouse. Many websites and search engines claim to crawl and display results for file downloads, but if you want an awesome peer-to-peer experience, then Ares is one program you need to check out today. Peer-to-Peer networks like Ares are thriving because so many users understand that they have the right to share certain types of files with anyone they choose. Many users build libraries of Open-Source programs, develop their own macros and utilities and come to Ares to share and interact with other users. Another awesome feature that many overlook is the awesome chat platform within Ares. There are mult-language rooms and lots of various professional, regional and mature content chat rooms. Whether you are looking to share or find files or strike up a chat with a new friend, you’ll find lots of options and content with Ares. Download it today and see for yourself.

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