2 Careers for the Geeky at Heart & How to Score Them

Do you drool over technology, peripherals and the latest gadgets? Does your heart stop when you hear about the latest software or new computer tablet to come out on the market? If yes, then these careers for the geeky at heart are for you. 

Video Game Designer

This is the tech job that anyone who drools over video games wants to do. When you start to consider a career in this field, you need to consider:
-the industry
-where you want to work and live
-your path to getting hired.

The first step here is to learn everything you can about the industry and the games in it. This means playing a wide variety of games, learning how they are created and what people are playing the most. It is imperative that you get a college degree that deals with game software development. These programs are offered both on campus and through the internet, giving you a wide variety of options. You also need to consider where you want to work and live, which ideally should be near a large urban area where the industry is booming and jobs are available. One way to get your foot in the door is to apply for an internship. This gives you the opportunity to network and experience the job first hand.

Teach Science

Your science teacher may have been your idol in school, knowing everything from advanced mathematics to the path an electron takes around the nucleus. This is a fantastic job for the geeky at heart who loves to study science and teach others what he or she knows. When considering teaching as a career, think about these aspects:
-what grade level you want to teach
-if you want to do research
-the kind of science you are interested in
-education required
-various positions available.

If you like children and want to teach a wide variety of science, then working at the junior or senior high level may be for you. You will have to attend a four year program and pass state testing requirements to be eligible for licensure. When applying, it is imperative that you be yourself, positive and open minded. Schools are looking for people who want to teach, not just collect a paycheck. You have to have patience, love to work with teenagers and be able to handle classroom discipline.

If you are more interested in research, the university level teaching position is for you. You can specialize in a certain area and conduct research within that same field. This is the ideal position for those who love the laboratory but also have a penchant for the classroom. You will have to pursue higher education at the master’s and doctorate level to be eligible to apply. You will also need good interpersonal skills to work with students and be self-motivated.

When you consider these jobs, the most important thing is to find what excites you most. What passion do you want to follow?

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