Office Space: The App Edition

Apps officially rule the world nowadays. Since apps first came onto the scene, they have crept up from being simple toys and curiosities to being near necessities. Many people cannot run their lives without their app of choice anymore. Typically one’s apps are as important as one’s briefcase used to be, and some people value their apps as highly as their cars. The following are some apps that have begun to dominate the business world because they are extremely useful.


ThinkFree is an easy-to-use application that lets you store your documents online and access them from anywhere. You can check on a spreadsheet for valuable figures or vital information. You can check on the progress of an application you’re personally having developed. You can even backup your tax information in case something happens to your computer and you get audited later on. Simply put, ThinkFree is your personal, massive, portable filing cabinet.


This latest MetroFax app for the iPhone is the missing link between yesterday and today. For businesses that still fax this is a vital link, because MetroFax allows you to receive and store faxes from anywhere in the world. This application just released today and with it you don’t need a dedicated fax machine or a landline to receive and even send faxes. No matter where you are faxing is no longer a challenge.


The WorldCard business card scanner allows you to ditch your old business card book because it lets you rapidly scan in any card someone hands you. With WorldCard you can bring up any business card it has ever taken in, so you can easily access information on your entire network of people. You no longer have to transcribe in e-mail addresses, Skype namesĀ or phone numbers, because WorldCard simply scans the entire card.


There are a lot of scheduling programs. However, iSchedule is a simple way to keep your work schedule reasonable and knowable. No matter how many shifts you have to swap and pick up, iSchedule can keep up with your crazy work life. Even your incoming schedule change requests are instantly cross-referenced against your existing schedule, which allows you to spot conflicts before they reach the crisis level.

PDF Reader Pro

With PDF Reader Pro, you get all of the basic functions of Adobe’s PDF reading software plus portability. PDF documents look as they should and you can access the massive library of PDFs available online from anywhere.

Ringtones Uncensored PRO

This app allows you to access nearly 10,000 pre-recorded ringtones and allows you to create your own. With that many possibilities, it’s likely anything you think of has already been done professionally. You could have a different ringtone every day for decades using just this program’s built-in tones.

There are a lot of different apps that make business run smoother. Since they’re inexpensive and often don’t require any monthly fees, stocking up on apps can pack a tremendous amount of functionality into your smart phone or tablet PC. Since every app comes with the automatic ability to take its function anywhere, your business life has gotten very easy.

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