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6 Reasons Why Apple Has the Golden Touch

iPod Touch.

Even if you are not a MAC person, you have to marvel at what Apple produces. The computer company is constantly at the forefront of every major breakthrough in the industry and the iPod touch is just one example of how Steve Jobs and his firm have changed our lives. There are many others as well.

1. Apple iPod Touch. Instead of asking what the iPod touch can do, you should ask what can’t be done with this ingenious mobile device. It comes with up to 64 gigs of memory for all of your music and video, plus has a retina display that is crystal clear with 960 by 640 resolution. This device doubles as a phone and with FaceTime you can make video calls. You can buy an Apple iPod Touch on eBay and take HD video with the device even though it is the thinnest iPod Apple has ever made.

2. Apple iPhone. The latest version of the iPhone is the Apple iPhone 4 which has a number of the same features as the iPod touch. It can do video calling and comes with the same retina display. One of the big selling points of the iPhone 4 is that you can multitask and operate several different apps at the same time.

3. Apple iPad and Apple iPad 2. The iPad is another Apple device that comes with some of the great features of the iPod and iPhone. The iPad 2 now has a ten-hour battery life and is more mobile than ever. This machine also operates faster than ever before because Apple has powered it with the A5 chip. One really fun feature of the iPad is the dual cameras, one focused on you for chatting and the other focused out to record images or video of what you are seeing.

4. Mac Mini.  If you are looking for speed, then Mac Mini is for you. Apple describes this desktop as a little powerhouse. It uses either the Intel i5 or i7 processor and an AMD Radeon graphics processor for great gaming and running multiple programs at once.

5. Apple iView. It doesn’t seem fair to call the iView a computer monitor because it looks more like something you would see in an airport cockpit. The curved video display was designed to match the curvature of the eye for optimal viewing.

6. MacBook Air. If you are looking for a laptop for word processing, photo storage, video editing and surfing the Internet, the MacBook Air is a versatile work horse. You can choose an 11 or 13 inch version of the MacBook Air. It quickly launches any application and even features a backlit keyboard.

Who knows what advances are next from Apple which will further amaze us. What is your favorite Apple product?

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