Tony Fadell is leaving Nest

Tony Fadell is stepping down as head of Nest Labs, Inflatable Tent the smart-home gadget maker that he sold to Google several years ago.


Impress The Gamer In Your Life With The Gift Of A Skin

How does a serious gamer not only protect their system but also make it their own? Today’s gamers are always on the search for ways to spice up the looks of their devices because, let’s be honest, they can look pretty boring. If you know a PlayStation 4 owner in your life trying to personalize their system, then a skin is the perfect gift.


Skins for the PlayStation 4 come in a variety of colours and designs. Their easy application can completely transform the look of the device, as they come in colours that deviate greatly from the standard black. Blue, green, metallic – there’s a colour and texture to Inflatable Slide For Sale fit your gamer’s unique and personal style. A ps4 skin will give the gamer in your life a system worth showing off and will definitely be a gift that will impress. It’s not only for decorative purposes; it alsoprovides much needed protection against scratches and spills, making it an ideal gift for any gamer.

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Will Windows 10 suck as well?


The Surface tablet is a pretty good device, but this device and the fear of tablets and mobile phones led Microsoft to create the truly terrible Windows 8 operating system. The notion that a powerful desktop needed to be reduced to tiles you touched on a screen and dumbed down programs resulted in a pathetic user experience. Solid programs like Skype disappeared, and lame mobile versions with few features showed up instead.

The staggering stupidity of this company under Steve Ballmer has led to countless misteps in the PC and operating system market. Will the ineptitude continue with Windows 10, or will they get this one right like they did with Windows 7?


New beginning for Dell

Dell is embarking on a new beginning, as Michael Dell was finally able to take the company private after a difficult fight with Carl Icahn. You can read about this process and Dell’s plans for the future in this article from Fortune.

With the commercial above, the newly private company is off to a good start, at least from a marketing point of view. It’s nostalgic but it also celebrates entrepreneurship, and it’s a fitting message for this company that was founded by Michael Dell in his dorm room.


Proliferation of daily fantasy sports games

Brandon Weeden_IMG_8207

Did you capitalize on Brian Hoyer starting for the Cleveland Browns once Brandon Weeden got hurt? Or have you been riding Peyton Manning’s incredible performances so far this season. You might think I’m referring to typical conversations for fantasy football, but with the explosion of daily fantasy sports games, millions of dollars are legally changing hands as websites and now even apps try to capitalize on these games of skill. This has completely changed the landscape of sports betting as players now have the option of risking cash on daily fantasy games as opposed to the traditional method of picking games against the spread. Now with SideDraft being added to the Apple app store we might see the games become even more popular.

The key revolves around the notion that picking lineups in a fantasy game makes these games “skill” games that are not prohibited by various state and federal laws. With the popularity of fantasy football and other sports, these new sites just add the cash element and suddenly we have a new niche exploding around the web. The key difference from a game point of view is that you pick different players each week, so you’re not stuck with a crappy like regular fantasy football if you have a bad draft or have key injuries on your roster.

Most of these games have salary cap of course, so you’ll pay a price for using Manning or someone like Adrian Peterson. The key is finding cheap bargains who can have big games, like Hoyer of course. Even veterans like Philip Rivers of the San Diego Chargers can help you win, as he’s having a huge year but wasn’t in great demand in typical fantasy leagues.

These games can be just as addicting as regular gambling or regular fantasy football, so the popularity isn’t surprising. I am surprised however that some lawmakers have tried to stop everyone from having so much fun.


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