Proliferation of daily fantasy sports games

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Did you capitalize on Brian Hoyer starting for the Cleveland Browns once Brandon Weeden got hurt? Or have you been riding Peyton Manning’s incredible performances so far this season. You might think I’m referring to typical conversations for fantasy football, but with the explosion of daily fantasy sports games, millions of dollars are legally changing hands as websites and now even apps try to capitalize on these games of skill. This has completely changed the landscape of sports betting as players now have the option of risking cash on daily fantasy games as opposed to the traditional method of picking games against the spread. Now with SideDraft being added to the Apple app store we might see the games become even more popular.

The key revolves around the notion that picking lineups in a fantasy game makes these games “skill” games that are not prohibited by various state and federal laws. With the popularity of fantasy football and other sports, these new sites just add the cash element and suddenly we have a new niche exploding around the web. The key difference from a game point of view is that you pick different players each week, so you’re not stuck with a crappy like regular fantasy football if you have a bad draft or have key injuries on your roster.

Most of these games have salary cap of course, so you’ll pay a price for using Manning or someone like Adrian Peterson. The key is finding cheap bargains who can have big games, like Hoyer of course. Even veterans like Philip Rivers of the San Diego Chargers can help you win, as he’s having a huge year but wasn’t in great demand in typical fantasy leagues.

These games can be just as addicting as regular gambling or regular fantasy football, so the popularity isn’t surprising. I am surprised however that some lawmakers have tried to stop everyone from having so much fun.

Gaming on the iPad

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One popular use of computers by computer owners has always been Online casinos. However through advancements in technology it is now easier than ever for users to obtain an internet signal on other smaller devices, as a result the manner in which people game has changed. Out of these smaller devices the most popular for gaming is the tablet. Of all the tablets on the market today, the most popular is of course the iPad.

The iPad is run with an operating system just like a personal computer. In this case, it is the iOS designed by Apple. Apple has made some changes in recent years making their operating system incompatible with some browser plug-ins that have been necessary for gaming. One of these is Adobe Flash. Therefore online casino firms have had to create casino games that are compatible with the iOS. HTML5 was what developers came up with that made it easier for the iPad to access casino games in lieu of a special app. This makes it must faster to start playing. As a result, today’s online casino gamers on the iPad have an optimal gaming experience that is quite realistic.

Certain casino games such as those offered by online casino australia can now be enjoyed on the iPad. For instance games such as roulette, poker, blackjack and slots are now just a click away. These games really show off the great features of the iPad including its speed, graphic display and audio technology. The large screen really helps with the graphic display. The iPad version of roulette is particularly popular due to the touch screen playing.

Mobile Gambling – There’s an App for That

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Abstainer, noun: A weak person who yields to the temptation of denying himself a pleasure.

So wrote Ambrose Bierce (also known as Bitter Bierce) in his cynical look on life, The Devil’s Dictionary. And let’s face it, Ambrose probably has it right as we all like a little gamble now and then to liven things up.

However, you no longer have to head over to a casino to get your gamble on because your mobile phone probably offers more gambling action than the mighty Bellagio.

So just how is mobile gambling getting ready to take over the world? Read on to find out…

Try Before You Buy

Perhaps one of the most interesting elements of casino and poker apps is the fact that you can play for free. Yes, you get to enjoy all the casino games without any of the risk, making them…well…fun.

However, it won’t take long before you wish your winning streak was happening with a real money game and the boasts of being rich on play money will become empty. However, it is great for refining your game play and sharpening your skills. You can then take your new strategies to real money play on a casino or mobile hold’em website and put them to the test.

Welcome Bonuses Are Free Money

Another highly attractive feature of mobile gambling apps is that casinos and poker sites actually give you free money to play with. And they do it just for signing up.

Well, OK, you have to actually deposit some money there – and you have to do some gambling. The bonuses are then unlocked depending on how much you play. It’s rather like getting achievements or trophies in other games – except these reward you with actual cash.

Mobile Gaming Offers Fast Access

Having casino and poker games on your mobile allows you to jump straight into the action wherever you are. Online casinos and poker rooms have responded to this by offering games that require no waiting times to keep mobile players in the heart of the action.

This means that if you have a few minutes spare you can always spin some slots reels, or play a few hands of poker.

Not All Poker and Casino Apps Are the Same

Poker sites and online casino do vary in their offerings. While many of the games they offer are quite similar, the bonuses and promotions the sites give out can be quite different. So it is worth shopping around and checking out some comparison sites (and reading a few reviews) to get a feel for who is offering the best.

Poker players should also be aware that the ability to find opponents is directly related to the popularity of a site. The more popular a poker room is, the more people play there, and the fuller the tables are. Bear that in mind when signing up.

A Final Word of Warning

Do remember that online gambling is illegal in some countries and some US states. Check out a specialized website to make sure you are playing within the law.

Also, don’t gamble with money you cannot afford to lose. Gambling is a bit of fun – so keep it that way. If your ability to pay the rent, or eat, depends on the spin of a roulette wheel then you are doing something wrong.

Now, with that said, don’t be a fuddy-duddy abstainer. Get out there and live a little!

Five Tips for Winning at Online Poker

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Online poker is a fun and entertaining hobby. If you like to play poker at the tables, try your luck at some online poker with these five tips.

Manage Your Bankroll

One of the most frustrating aspects of online poker, or gambling in general, is that one day you’re up, the next day you’re down. Keep loses to a minimum and maximize your winnings by properly managing your bankroll. Improper bankroll management is a key mistake for amateur poker players, so watch your bankroll to avoid a rookie mistake. A good rule of thumb is to never put more than five percent of your total bankroll in on any game.

Don’t Play When You’re Bored

If you only play online poker when you’re bored, then you’re likely to lose. You’re likely to experience more drastic swings when you’re feeling bored. For most people, if you’re playing poker while you’re bored, then you’ll probably play too many hands or risk higher stakes to try to escape boredom. Plan your play time and you’ll be much more successful.

Take Notes

Whether you’re playing online poker at Sportsbook or just practicing the game, you’ll want to take notes. Take note of what your opponents are doing and their style of betting. This will help you spot weak points and discover how you can get the upperhand with your opponents. If you take notes on enough showdowns, you will be better prepared to make an educated decision with your play.

Learn from the Professionals

Most pro poker players only play at higher levels, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still learn from the professionals. Online poker is different from live poker, so you’ll want to know how the best in the game actually play. There are websites dedicated to showing online poker tournaments so you can learn more and see the more advanced techniques.

Play Multiple Tables

Playing more than one table at a time will ensure that you don’t put all your money on just one table. Multiple tables also helps you keep your focus, which is easy to lose while on the internet. Start with two tables and see how well you can manage. If you can still play a good game and take notes at the same time, then you are in control. Once you lose the ability to take notes while you play, then you are at too many tables and need to cut back.

What are some of your best techniques for online poker?

Mathematical models to beat the casino

Some players believe that you have a fair chance against the house at blackjack, unlike other casino games. Common blackjack tactics involve the use of mathematics, but not always in the way most people think. The idea behind these tactics is to for the player to gain a mathematical edge over the house, which may involve a complex system or simply getting the casino to alter its rules.

Creating an Edge

Both famous gamblers, Nick the Greek and Don Johnson used the same type of method to get a mathematical edge over the house. By getting ahead of the house, the gamblers increased their odds of bigger and more consistent wins.

In Las Vegas during the 1950s and 1960s, Nick used a system designed to get the house to change its usual rules and make concessions on the blackjack table. He would play purposely to break close to even on many blackjack games in a row.

The tactic earned Nick a high roller status, making the casinos accommodate him to keep his business. By making consistent concessions to keep Nick gambling in the casino, such as pushing an extra bet each hour, Nick began to earn a mathematical edge over the house.

Don Johnson used casino loss-rebates in Atlantic City in 2011 to a similar effect. In order to get Don’s business, a one million dollar deposit in the casino’s cage, a casino would have to give him a 20 percent rebate on his losses and raise the blackjack table limit to $100,000.

Don would not receive the rebate until his losses totaled at least $500,000 as part of the arrangement, but these concessions gave Don an edge over the casinos mathematically speaking. Don could quit after a few hands and take very few losses, depending on how he bet and played.

Card Counting

A common, more simple mathematical model in blackjack is card counting. The player keeps track of the cards played from the deck, allowing him to determine when the deck has cards that will work in his favor.

In most card-counting systems, the player keeps track of all low and high cards he has seen come out of the deck during the game. The player uses the information to temper bets, limit losses and change playing strategies during the game based on the remaining cards in play.

A player does not need superior math skills to count cards, but he must be observant and able to remember what he’s seen. The player will not want to draw unwanted attention by writing items down or doing other things usually not permitted at a table.

There are many distractions during live blackjack, including background casino noise. Being able to keep track of the drawn cards without attracting the dealer’s attention is vital for a card-counting tactic.

Using a card-counting strategy online may or may not work. If the player doesn’t have a live dealer online, he can still base his tactics on how the virtual dealer is dealing.

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