DoubleTree tries to leverage photos and social media

Check out this interview with DoubleTree Hotels global head John Greenleaf about how DoubleTree is using contests and sharing around photos and videos uploaded by their customers, tied to specific locations.


Facebook phone finally announced

Mark Zuckerberg has announced the new Facebook phone as you can see in the video above. The phone will be based on Android but it will be laid out differently with the home page of the phone being devoted to people rather than apps.

Let’s see if this takes off. Not everyone wants the world to see who is on their Facebook “favorites” list on their phone home page. I can see plenty of drama with girlfriends, etc.


New York City offers free wi-fi from old phone booths

Here’s a cool idea.


4 Really Cool Mobile Apps That Organize Your Day

Did you know that your Blackberry is only as good as the mobile apps you have downloaded on it? It’s true. Smartphones, especially Blackberry devices are only as good – or as cool – as the mobile apps that are downloaded on them.

Image Courtesy of Flickr

Mobile apps can transform a seemingly useless Toddler Bounce House For Sale handheld Toddler Bouncy Castle mobile phone into something fun, entertaining, and exciting. However, to do that you need to first know which mobile apps to download.

The following is a look at some cool mobile apps that all Blackberry phones should have downloaded on them.


Everyone knows that smartphones can be used as an Toddler Bounce House alarm clock. So why would anyone want to download an alarm clock onto their Blackberry device? The simple answer, because this is super cool.

puZZed is an automated alarm clock that automatically starts to ring at the designated time. However, instead of being able to shut the clock off with a push of a button, this one requires that you solve a puzzle before it will turn off. When you purchase this mobile app you’ll have the option to choose math, typing, matching, or memory puzzles. There will be no sleeping in when the puZZed app is around.


Relive the memories of being able to talk to your friends on walkie talkies with the BeepUs mobile app. This mobile app will instantly turn your Blackberry device into a real life walkie talkie – only better. When this mobile app is downloaded it allows you to perform a push-to-talk action that instantly connects you with the friend on the other line. Sure, you could just pick up the phone and call, but the BeepUs app allows you to relieve some of your favorite childhood memories.

Home to Phone

Every top Blackberry mobile app list has to have some practical mobile app, and that is where the Home to Phone mobile app comes in. The Home to Phone app allows users to send valuable information back and forth from a home computer or laptop, to a Blackberry device. Whether it is a menu to your favorite restaurant, directions to a party, or just phone and address information for a store, the Home to Phone mobile app will allow you to instantly send the information you need right to your smartphone.

Tune In

Radios may be a thing of the past, but the radio stations aren’t. Download the Tune In mobile app and you can turn your Blackberry device into a radio. You’ll be able to listen to thousands of different radio stations at just a touch of a button. The best part of it all is there are no ad interruptions, allowing you to enjoy your favorite radio stations as if you were listening to them live.

Owning a Blackberry phone can be a fun and exciting experience, but only if you have the right apps downloaded. Take a few minutes and consider downloading some of these really cool mobile apps, and you’ll be able to turn your Blackberry device into a super cool handheld phone.


Tom Friedman discovers the cloud

Tom Friedman is usually very good at explaining the disruptive influence of new technology and the implications for the global economy, even if he isn’t the first (or second) to notice something.

The latest phase in the I.T. revolution is being driven by the convergence of social media — Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Groupon, Zynga — with the proliferation of cheap wireless connectivity and Web-enabled smartphones and “the cloud” — those enormous server farms that hold and constantly update thousands of software applications, which are then downloaded (as if from a cloud) by users on their smartphones, making them into incredibly powerful devices that can perform myriad tasks.

The emergence of the cloud, explained Alan Cohen, a vice president of Nicira, a new networking company, “means than anyone can have the computing resources of Google and rent it by the hour.” This is speeding up everything — innovation, product cycles and competition.

The October issue of Fast Company has an article about the designer Scott Wilson, who thought of grafting the body of an iPod Nano onto colorful wristbands, turning them into watchlike devices that could wake you up and play your music. He had no money, though, to bring his concept to market, so he turned to Kickstarter, the Web-based funding platform for independent creative projects. He posted his idea on Nov. 16, 2010, reported Fast Company, and “within a month, 13,500 people from 50 countries had ponied up nearly $1 million.” Apple soon picked up the product for its stores. Said Alexis Ringwald, 28, who recently founded an education start-up, her second Silicon Valley venture: “I have many friends — they introduce themselves as ‘reformed’ Wall St. bankers and lawyers — who have abandoned conventional careers and are now launching start-ups.”

Some like Rich Kaarlgard have been describing this as the “cheap revolution” for years. Friedman is explaining the new developments in that area. We now have it all at our fingertips all the time. It’s a powerful and exciting development. Kickstarter is a great crowdsourcing example that thrives in this environment.

Friedman uses the column to contrast Wall Street and Silicon Valley. It’s a good read.


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