The inconic Bond girls

Ever since Ursula Andress emerged from the sea in her bikini as Honey Ryder in “Dr. No,” the Bond girls have been part of the special formula that made the James Bond films a huge success. The films and their elements, like the gadgets and the cars, have become an iconic part of pop culture around the world. With “Skyfall” due to hit theaters around the world, you can expect to see a huge rush of James Bond memorabilia being sold, from new items relating to the new film to collectables from the classics.

Items like the James Bond movie posters and posters of the Bond girls will likely get plenty of attention as well. Whether you get a new one or a classic poster you’ll want to check out a poster frame depot to find the best way to make these items fit your room. Posters of individual Bond girls have always been popular, but the early movie posters always featured the Bond girls. That continued for years but has become less prominent in recent posters. You can stick with just the old ones or mix and match them for a more eclectic look.

DUI Myths Shattered: Statistics You Didn’t Know

Everyone knows that drunk driving can kill, but a lot of people also make incorrect assumptions about other DUI stats. Here’s a look at a few that may seem a little unfamiliar or surprising. Did you make any of these assumptions?

Assumption: The number of people arrested for DUI represent how many people are driving under the influence.

This appears to be false. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 1.4 million people were arrested for DUI of alcohol or narcotics, but that accounted for less than 1% of self-reported cases each year of adults driving drunk in the U.S.

Assumption: States that are perceived to have active nightlife scenes, like Nevada and California, would have the most alcohol-related traffic deaths.

If you’re going by the percentage of DUI-related traffic deaths per state, this isn’t accurate. In fact, Mothers Against Drunk Driving sorted through stats from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and ranked each state.

South Carolina got the worst ranking, and other states in the top 10 worst rankings included North Dakota, Texas, Montana, Kansas, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Washington, Mississippi, and Hawaii.

Assumption: Drinkers usually know they’re misusing alcohol.

While this doesn’t relate directly to DUIs, it does relate to drinking behavior in general. Most drinkers may be aware of how much they’re consuming and what problems that may pose, but many others don’t realize their misusing/abusing alcohol.

The NHTSA said, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, when men drink more than 4 drinks in one day or more than 14 drinks throughout a week, they’re participating in “at-risk” drinking. For women, it’s 3 drinks a single day and 7 drinks per week.


Drinking and driving is dangerous, but there are many other unknown statistics that can help shed light on just how bad it is and what kind of drinking behavior goes on in general. For example, states “people convicted for the first time of alcohol-impaired driving as less likely to re-offend if they have to install alcohol interlocks on their vehicles.” Should the penalties be changed? What are some misconceptions you found out about? Do you know of any DUI-related surprising stats?

6 Reasons Why Apple Has the Golden Touch

iPod Touch.

Even if you are not a MAC person, you have to marvel at what Apple produces. The computer company is constantly at the forefront of every major breakthrough in the industry and the iPod touch is just one example of how Steve Jobs and his firm have changed our lives. There are many others as well.

1. Apple iPod Touch. Instead of asking what the iPod touch can do, you should ask what can’t be done with this ingenious mobile device. It comes with up to 64 gigs of memory for all of your music and video, plus has a retina display that is crystal clear with 960 by 640 resolution. This device doubles as a phone and with FaceTime you can make video calls. You can buy an Apple iPod Touch on eBay and take HD video with the device even though it is the thinnest iPod Apple has ever made.

2. Apple iPhone. The latest version of the iPhone is the Apple iPhone 4 which has a number of the same features as the iPod touch. It can do video calling and comes with the same retina display. One of the big selling points of the iPhone 4 is that you can multitask and operate several different apps at the same time.

3. Apple iPad and Apple iPad 2. The iPad is another Apple device that comes with some of the great features of the iPod and iPhone. The iPad 2 now has a ten-hour battery life and is more mobile than ever. This machine also operates faster than ever before because Apple has powered it with the A5 chip. One really fun feature of the iPad is the dual cameras, one focused on you for chatting and the other focused out to record images or video of what you are seeing.

4. Mac Mini.  If you are looking for speed, then Mac Mini is for you. Apple describes this desktop as a little powerhouse. It uses either the Intel i5 or i7 processor and an AMD Radeon graphics processor for great gaming and running multiple programs at once.

5. Apple iView. It doesn’t seem fair to call the iView a computer monitor because it looks more like something you would see in an airport cockpit. The curved video display was designed to match the curvature of the eye for optimal viewing.

6. MacBook Air. If you are looking for a laptop for word processing, photo storage, video editing and surfing the Internet, the MacBook Air is a versatile work horse. You can choose an 11 or 13 inch version of the MacBook Air. It quickly launches any application and even features a backlit keyboard.

Who knows what advances are next from Apple which will further amaze us. What is your favorite Apple product?

Office Space: The App Edition

Apps officially rule the world nowadays. Since apps first came onto the scene, they have crept up from being simple toys and curiosities to being near necessities. Many people cannot run their lives without their app of choice anymore. Typically one’s apps are as important as one’s briefcase used to be, and some people value their apps as highly as their cars. The following are some apps that have begun to dominate the business world because they are extremely useful.


ThinkFree is an easy-to-use application that lets you store your documents online and access them from anywhere. You can check on a spreadsheet for valuable figures or vital information. You can check on the progress of an application you’re personally having developed. You can even backup your tax information in case something happens to your computer and you get audited later on. Simply put, ThinkFree is your personal, massive, portable filing cabinet.


This latest MetroFax app for the iPhone is the missing link between yesterday and today. For businesses that still fax this is a vital link, because MetroFax allows you to receive and store faxes from anywhere in the world. This application just released today and with it you don’t need a dedicated fax machine or a landline to receive and even send faxes. No matter where you are faxing is no longer a challenge.


The WorldCard business card scanner allows you to ditch your old business card book because it lets you rapidly scan in any card someone hands you. With WorldCard you can bring up any business card it has ever taken in, so you can easily access information on your entire network of people. You no longer have to transcribe in e-mail addresses, Skype names or phone numbers, because WorldCard simply scans the entire card.


There are a lot of scheduling programs. However, iSchedule is a simple way to keep your work schedule reasonable and knowable. No matter how many shifts you have to swap and pick up, iSchedule can keep up with your crazy work life. Even your incoming schedule change requests are instantly cross-referenced against your existing schedule, which allows you to spot conflicts before they reach the crisis level.

PDF Reader Pro

With PDF Reader Pro, you get all of the basic functions of Adobe’s PDF reading software plus portability. PDF documents look as they should and you can access the massive library of PDFs available online from anywhere.

Ringtones Uncensored PRO

This app allows you to access nearly 10,000 pre-recorded ringtones and allows you to create your own. With that many possibilities, it’s likely anything you think of has already been done professionally. You could have a different ringtone every day for decades using just this program’s built-in tones.

There are a lot of different apps that make business run smoother. Since they’re inexpensive and often don’t require any monthly fees, stocking up on apps can pack a tremendous amount of functionality into your smart phone or tablet PC. Since every app comes with the automatic ability to take its function anywhere, your business life has gotten very easy.

2 Careers for the Geeky at Heart & How to Score Them

Do you drool over technology, peripherals and the latest gadgets? Does your heart stop when you hear about the latest software or new computer tablet to come out on the market? If yes, then these careers for the geeky at heart are for you. 

Video Game Designer

This is the tech job that anyone who drools over video games wants to do. When you start to consider a career in this field, you need to consider:
-the industry
-where you want to work and live
-your path to getting hired.

The first step here is to learn everything you can about the industry and the games in it. This means playing a wide variety of games, learning how they are created and what people are playing the most. It is imperative that you get a college degree that deals with game software development. These programs are offered both on campus and through the internet, giving you a wide variety of options. You also need to consider where you want to work and live, which ideally should be near a large urban area where the industry is booming and jobs are available. One way to get your foot in the door is to apply for an internship. This gives you the opportunity to network and experience the job first hand.

Teach Science

Your science teacher may have been your idol in school, knowing everything from advanced mathematics to the path an electron takes around the nucleus. This is a fantastic job for the geeky at heart who loves to study science and teach others what he or she knows. When considering teaching as a career, think about these aspects:
-what grade level you want to teach
-if you want to do research
-the kind of science you are interested in
-education required
-various positions available.

If you like children and want to teach a wide variety of science, then working at the junior or senior high level may be for you. You will have to attend a four year program and pass state testing requirements to be eligible for licensure. When applying, it is imperative that you be yourself, positive and open minded. Schools are looking for people who want to teach, not just collect a paycheck. You have to have patience, love to work with teenagers and be able to handle classroom discipline.

If you are more interested in research, the university level teaching position is for you. You can specialize in a certain area and conduct research within that same field. This is the ideal position for those who love the laboratory but also have a penchant for the classroom. You will have to pursue higher education at the master’s and doctorate level to be eligible to apply. You will also need good interpersonal skills to work with students and be self-motivated.

When you consider these jobs, the most important thing is to find what excites you most. What passion do you want to follow?

Boogie Board is a different and popular tablet

Kent Displays, the company that makes the Boogie Board tablet, is getting more VC money and is hiring 40 more employees in Ohio.

The Boogie Board is a modern equivalent to the old-fashioned chalk slate – a device that allows users to write and quickly erase messages on a screen the size of a sheet of paper. Company spokesman Kevin Oswald said orders for the boards have forced the plant to run three shifts a day for much of the year.

He added that he expects orders to increase this fall when the company adds a version of the board that can save images for later use.

“[The expansion] will allow us to meet worldwide demand for the Boogie Board tablets for the foreseeable future,” Oswald said.

Sales of multimedia tablets, such as Apple’s iPad or Motorola’s Xoom, have boomed this year, but Oswald said Kent’s product doesn’t compete with those. Boogie Boards cost $40-$60, depending on size, and are meant as a replacement for notepads and paper, not computers.

It will be interesting to see if this technology eventually finds it’s way into the all-purpose tablets.

4 Things You Can Use PayPal For  

The internet has given you a lot of convenient ways to handle your money, but there may be no way that is better than PayPal. PayPal has made it possible to give out money to merchants, friends and charities without having to use your credit card number and run the risk of identity theft. This system is one of the most sophisticated in the world. But, there are still a number of things that you can do with PayPal that you might not even be aware of. Here are those things.
1. Reach Card
You can put money on the Reach Card with PayPal. The Reach Card is a prepaid debit card, and like all cards, it’s possible that you can run out of money. With the use of PayPal, you can simply add money to your card any time you need to do so. It makes PayPal easy and the Reach Card even easier.
2. Mobile
These days, your cellphone can do anything, and the use of PayPal is a testament to that. With the PayPal app, you can simply log onto your account, pay people, and transfer funds to your checking account without ever having to log onto your home computer. This app makes payments and money management so simple that you will wonder how you ever lived without it. The best part about the app is it’s totally free. This way, you can get convenience at a completely affordable price.
3. Facebook
If you are online, then there is a good chance you are signed up with the world’s biggest social platform. Facebook is the number one site for people to stay connected with the people in their world. By using the Facebook app for Paypal, you can request money from up to 20 of your Facebook friends at one time. Additionally, you can set up an icon on your page that will allow your friends to send you money through PayPal. This is great whether you are collecting money for a charity or collecting cash for a bachelor party. It makes getting a group of people together a breeze.
4. Toolbars
Let’s say you run a blog that sells something you make. Collecting money can be difficult. You may not know how to set up a credit card processing system and you may not want to pay the fees. Luckily PayPal has a toolbar that takes the struggle and stress out of selling things on your site. This gadget allows you to place a PayPal toolbar into your blog so that anyone who is interested in purchasing something from you can do so without hassle.
PayPal is a great invention that is making your life easier. With these simply applications, it’s revolutionizing the way and the ease with which you pay for your goods and services. If you haven’t explored these wonderful conveniences, it’s a good time to start. 

When a Business Website Revamp is Necessary

Websites play an important role in the success of businesses. Over time, though, you could find that your site lacks the features that will serve your customers best. That could mean that you quickly start to lose those customers to your online competitors. Knowing when a business website revamp is necessary, however, will help you stay abreast of the latest design features so that your site can reach its maximum potential.
Acquiring New Products or Services
You already pay attention to the latest trends to make sure that your business offers the products and services that your customers need. Make sure that your website matches the changes within your company.
If, for instance, you start to sell a new line of products, then you will need to update your site to keep visitors informed. Revamping your site at this time serves multiple purposes. First, it will allow you to tell your current customers about your newest products. Second, it will help new customers find your site with search engines.
Rebranding Your Logo
Without the right approach to online marketing, something as simple as rebranding your logo could confuse your customers. Customers quickly grow accustomed to your company’s appearance and methods. When you make changes, they need to happen consistently. If, for instance, your website has your old logo, but your packaging materials show the new one, then you could confuse your customers. You want a cohesive approach to marketing your business. That means making uniform changes across all platforms.
Redefining Your Company
At times, you might want to redefine your company by creating a new corporate personality or making slight modifications to the ways that you have met consumer demand in the past. Much like rebranding your logo, you need to implement company changes across all platforms at the same time. You don’t want some of your products presenting the company’s old personality while others use the new one. That’s not only confusing, but an ineffective use of resources that could have a negative impact on your sales.
Keeping Up With New Technologies
Even if your company remains constant, your website will need to evolve. Imagine encountering a website that hadn’t been updated since the 90s. It would look out-of-date and, quite frankly, untrustworthy. Keeping up with new trends in technology can help you reach new customers and offer improved services to those you already have.
The recent Metrofax website redesign for instance, makes it easier for customers to explore their online and mobile fax options. This appeals to small business owners and managers that don’t have a lot of time to search a company’s website to learn about service options. Instead, they can instantly see the features that they might use for their Android and iPhone devices in addition to standard Internet access.
Redesigning your website requires a big commitment, but it can quickly pay off by improving the services that you offer your customers. What are some of the newest website designs that would help your customers most?

Top 8 Social Media Trends to Expect in 2011

Social media has inundated our lives. It has allowed us to stay connected to friends and family at all times. In fact, many users check sites like Facebook and Twitter several times a day. What can we expect from social media in 2011? Here are eight of the top trends to expect:

1. Increase in Content

As companies become closer to their customers through social media and try to connect with them on a deeper level, there will be an increase in valuable content. The idea is to give customers content that is important to them and will be shared with friends through Facebook and other social media platforms. 

2. Monetization of Twitter

We’ll see Twitter becoming more monetized in the next year, just as Facebook has in the last 18 months. This could include promoted tweets, adding ads to the site, and making deals with mobile carriers. 

3. Purchasing on Facebook

A big trend you’ll see is companies selling items on Facebook through commerce software. This is a big benefit to companies. For small businesses, this will give them the opportunity to build an e-commerce site to reach customers. It will help drive traffic through customers sharing what they purchased with their friends. 

4. Group Buying

You’re bound to see the power of group buying grow with sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial. When you can get an item for free just by getting three of your friends to purchase the same item, there is a lot of promotional power through social media sites. 

5. Location-Based Apps

Applications such as Foursquare are bound to become more popular this year as more and more companies utilize them to promote themselves with things such as discounts just for checking in. As a user, does it make you nervous for your friends and family to know where you are all day every day?

6. Mobile Applications

Social media will become more accessible from mobile devices, increasing the need for apps that connect to social media in new ways. It’s hard to say what direction this will take us, but with smartphones becoming more like mini-laptops, we’re bound to see them used in imaginative and innovative ways.

7. Facebook Credits

The use of Facebook credits will increase this year, becoming a huge boost for Facebook since it will receive a percentage for every credit purchased. Besides social media games, they’re likely to be used to purchase products and given out as prizes in promotions by companies.

8. Questions Answered

Q&A sites are popular, but soon the power of social media will be used to help its users get answers to questions. This will be something that you’ll be able to add to your profile page, allowing you to get answers from the collective knowledge of Facebook users.

One thing’s for sure: social media is not going away. It will only become more and more a part of our lives — evolving and changing in new, fun ways.

Six Considerations When Designing a Business Site

Owning a business and coming up with marketing strategies has reached a new plateau with the rising popularity of social media and social networking. Although the end game remains the same, social media marketing offers many opportunities for businesses to advertise their goods and services.
Depending on the type of business you own, there are different ways to target your business to Internet users that require special considerations. To determine how to attract Internet users to your site, decide what you want prospective consumers to do once they arrive on your landing page. A few possibilities include:
• Price Comparisons
• Provide Information about Your Products, Services, or Operation
• Buy Directly from the Site
• Leave Contact Information for Further Contact from Your Sales Team
After making this decision, business owners will need to learn how to get the word out about their business and their web site. Whether they want to know how to reach a target audience, or how to engage a big audience online, they can obtain this valuable knowledge by taking social media marketing classes.
Selling products or services is the primary goal for online businesses, and the benefits of learning about social media marketing are numerous. Proprietors will learn how to:
1. Design the Business Website
The website business owners use to sell their product must exude professionalism and confidence to attract and keep customers.
2. Give the People what they Want
Online customers are just like those who shop in brick-and-mortar stores or consumers looking for service providers: They want to know immediately if you have what they want or need. Providing information upfront and as succinctly as possible is essential to keep prospective customers interested in finding out more about your business.  
3. Sell Products
In addition to learning how to describe the products you sell with a hook or an angle, business websites must have processing capabilities to handle shipping, credit cards, and inventory. Understanding E-commerce is a big piece of this.
4. Sell Services
From simple to complicated services, your site needs to include ways for customers to schedule and pay for them.
5. Provide Customer Service
Proprietors need to provide ways for customers to connect with them and receive information. This can include email addresses, live chats, forums, FAQ sections, and a glossary of terms or a library of information.
6. Include bells and Whistles Without Overdoing It
Help visitors use your business website by providing user-friendly navigation and simple help text. Use headlines or banners at the top of the site to indicate each section:
• About Us – information about your company and goods or services
• List of Products and Services – including pricing information
• Ordering Information and Forms – how to purchase your products or services
Gaining knowledge about social networking and interacting in a personal way is essential for online businesses to be successful. What changes will you make to your marketing strategy based on the new social network marketing trends?

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