Parents holding Facebook back

Would you invite your parents to a party you’re having with your friends? Probably not, unless you’re maybe 35.

This reality helps explain why teens and college kids are spending less time on Facebook – their parents are there as well. This is obviously very bad for Facebook, which is having all sorts of problems since it went public.

I remember hearing teens I know tell me how they use Facebook less and have moved to new options like Twitter. They didn’t mention their parents, but the reason was obvious.

It’s not the only issue of course. Social media has made some teens much more careful about who they have around when they do stuff like smoke and drink, as everyone now has a camera on their phone. The times they are a changin’!!


Improve your Facebook fan page

Have you noticed that practically every major brand now has a Facebook page? Have you started a Facebook fan page for your own business?

If so, that’s great. Now you just need to make sure you’re using it effectively. If not, what are you waiting for?

As for tips, here’s a great article listing 10 tips to help you improve your Facebook fan page. The second and third items are particularly important, as you can create a sticky post with the “Pin to Top” feature and also highlight certain posts with the Star feature.

If you use these tools you’ll greatly improve your page. That said, the most important thing you can do is create consistently useful and entertaining posts that engage your audience and customers. if you have no idea how to do this, you should engage a consultant to help you with your social media branding. Firms like EXPbranding and PJs and Coffee and help you develop a strategy and implement on a daily basis.


5 Ways that Social Media Changed Marketing Strategies Forever

Social media has forever changed the way that many businesses conduct marketing campaigns. In fact, it has changed how many companies perceive marketing in general. How? There are a number of ways but below are the top 5 ways that social media marketing has affected strategies that businesses choose to promote their products and services.

1. Social media has definitely affected the way that companies deal with their target audience. Because of social media, you can better understand what your audience wants and learn about these wants in real-time. Facebook and Twitter give you instant access to people in the here and now. You can find out what they want and give it to them all in just a few moments time.
2. You also have a direct link to your audience now. You can effectively cut out the middle man and deal with your customers on a more personal level. This allows for more straightforward conversations and enables your audience to be more honest with you about their needs.
3. Because you have the ability for real-time conversation, you also have the ability to measure your company’s progress much better. You can control your conversations and react instantly, giving your customers a more positive overall experience with your business.
4. It goes without saying that social media enables you to enjoy different strategies with regards to advertising. It also enables you to engage your customers and allow them to be part of the conversation. You are no longer speaking to them – you are now speaking with them. Community engagement is crucial when it comes to overall business success.
5. You can now influence your customers as an expert in your field. Through blogs and other social media interaction, you can provide your customers with information that they need. You have changed from a business owner to an influencer and expert which will tell your customers that you are serious about your business and know how to help them to solve their issues.

This article was written by Custard Media, the UK’s leading social media marketing agency.


Facebook falls flat

Facebook’s IPO certainly netted a ton of money for Mark Zuckerberg and his fellow founders. Here’s a breakdown from the home page of

What Are Their Shares Worth?


Mark Zuckerberg – $19,253,605,209
Dustin Moskovitz – $5,111,539,856
Sean Parker – $2,662,984,684

But the stop barely budged from its IPO price by the end of the day. It’s not exactly the home run some expected for day one of trading.


Organ donation through Facebook

I like this story. It looks like Facebook will start promoting organ donation by enabling users to register through their Facebook profile. The results could be stunning.


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