Around the web: Valentine’s Day Gift Guides

It’s that time of year again, as countless companies try to get you to buy stuff for your sweetheart or your spouse (or the gal you’re hooking up with). Several men’s lifestyle web sites have put together gift guides for Valentine’s Day to give you ideas on where you can spend your money. has a cool guide focusing on some of the Valentine’s Day classics. It’s a convenient checklist of different options, from chocolates to a bed and breakfast getaway.’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide has similar suggestions, but the article by Shelly Perry explores the different ways gifts will be interpreted by a man’s wife or girlfriend. Are you in a serious relationship, or do you want to keep it casual? Your gift will tell a great deal, so put some thought in the message you want to send. For example, jewelry is a very popular gift, but the type of jewelry you give can influence how she interprets the gift!

Maxim focuses on some unique gifts in their gift guide. The scarf idea was a pretty good one.

If your gal likes green stuff, here’s a video about greening your Valentine’s Day.


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