Crypto trading becomes an addiction for many


The cryptocurrency revolution is in full swing, and the popularity of crypto and NFT trading is only increasing as valuations spike. As with stock trading, this can become all-consuming for many people as they monitor the 24/7 trading environment.

We’ve seen significant peaks and valleys with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, and now we have NFTs dominating the news as well.

Putting aside the positives of crypto and NFTs, some people become too obsessed with trading, leading to an addiction crisis.

So as you dive into this world, keep in mind the pitfalls. Be careful and understand the risks, but also don’t let it consume your life.


Cryptopunk #4626 sells for $1,028,439

Cryptopunk mania continues. Darren Rovell reported on Twitter that Cryptopunk #4626 sold for $1,028,439. The Seller had bought it for $271,564 just 56 days prior to this sale.

This Cryptopunk is noted for the attributes of Female Messy Hair and Shades. You can see the price history for this Cryptopunk here. Keep in mind that prices are listed in Eth which is the price unit in the Ethereum blockchain.

If you want to know why Cryptopunks are so popular and why these NFTs are selling for so much, check out this overview.

Cryptopunk 4626 sells in 2021


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