Do we have a new tech bubble?

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There’s been plenty of hot air lately over the notion of whether we have another tech bubble on our hands. Like most topics these days, much of this is driven by the need to talk about something to fill airtime and drive clicks.

Mark Cuban fueled the fire with a recent rant on his blog about how this tech bubble was worse than the one back in the late 1990s. Cuban is more of an entertainer these days, and he loves making provocative statements. Much of it is hot air, but he’s a smart guy so he does draw attention when he puts himself out there.

Cuban sees a frothy market for apps as everyone seems to have one they’re pitching, and he’s troubled with so many small investors entering into the angel market for these types investments where there’s very little liquidity. He probably has a point, but comparing this to the destructive tech bubble that burst in 2000 is pure hyperbole.

Steve Case address this on CNBC and then in a follow up article. He puts much of this in context and frankly provides and more sober and accurate analysis of what is going on with tech investing and angel investing. Check it out if you want to learn more about this.


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